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User-End Features Administrative Features
  • New Links listings
  • Hot Links listings
  • Top Referrer listing
  • Link hit counters
  • Threaded reviews
  • Link Voting
  • Send pages to a friend.
  • Advanced searching
  • Category Search
  • Highlighted search results.
  • Advanced paging i.e.  … 8 9 [10-19] ……
  • Personalization (sorting, windows, links per page,…)
  • Aleza Windows show the top newest, hottest, and top referring links.
  • Reciprocal Link Code System
  • Sibling categories list
  • Multiple column category listing.
  • More…


  • Administer your site from any browser.
  • Approve and modify links before they are indexed.
  • Approve reviews before they are listed.
  • Navigator lets you browse through your categories and manage them.
  • Manage administrative users with different security levels.
  • Assign categories to admin moderators.
  • Ability to reset counters.
  • Statistics – hits by category (day, month, and total)
  • Category description generator.
  • Email list manager – lists are specified by rules
  • Email template manager
  • Mass Mailer
  • Support for most popular Email components.
  • Use as many different html pages for your categories as you wish. These are called (Display Pages)
  • Design your html plug-in some include files and the display pages are ready.
  • Use Access or SQL database.
  • More…





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